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Kahei Tse (Coach K)

Kahei (Coach K) graduated from the University of Stirling with a Master degree in Sports Performance Coaching and Bachelor degree in Exercise Science and Athletic Training (Indiana University). He has worked as a coach, educator and presenter for more than 15 years, his experience has led him to become one of the few educators & presenters in Asia for international organizations like EXOS, Exxentric and PTA Global. He is one of the most respected fitness and training voices in Asia, regularly sharing his insights and guidance with coaches, athletic and fitness communities.


Kahei had led the personal training education program at one of the premium fitness brands in Asia over 10 years prior of founding AQ Strong. Now he is the cornerstone of the unique performance approach of AQ Strong overall athletic program success and key contributor to the advancement of health, performance and fitness knowledge in Asia.


Coach K is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (NSCA - CSCS) specialized in sport performance coaching. He is the strength and conditioning coach for professional rugby team in Hong Kong and have worked with many elite athletes in different sports throughout his career.

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Professional Courses and Certifications

​■ MSc in Sport Performance Coaching, Stirling University

​■ BS in Kinesiology Exercise Science, Indiana University

​■ EXOS Performance Mentorship & XPS Presenter/Coach (Hong Kong)

​■ Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA - CSCS)

​■ EXOS Phase 1- Phase 3 mentorship

​■ Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1 Certified

​■ KILO Strength : Program Design / Periodization/ Optimizing Strength Ratios

​■ Clean Health PT Performance Coach Level 1 & 2 Certified

​■ National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) – Certified Personal Trainer

​■ National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) – Corrective Exercise Specialist

​■ Personal Training Academy Global (PTAG) – Certified Personal Trainer

​■ Personal Training Academy Global (PTAG) – Advanced Course

​■ Functional Movement Screen Certified

​■ Anatomy Trains in Training (Fiscal Fitness) workshop by Thomas Myers

​■ Body Reading: Global Posture Assessment workshop by Thomas Myers

​■ Gymnastic Level 1 and 2 course by Tom Rawlinson (UK)

White Sheet

Q&A for our coach!


Coaching philosophy

Empower people to make better decisions consistently and be their GPS along the way. Things will be a lot easier when you find the right reason for it.

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How my team thinks about me…

"Personally witnessed Coach K grow into a world class Coach and one of the absolute best in Asia. I am proud to know him."

- Marco

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