It is our mission to empower athletes and the athletic community


AQ Strong was founded in 2019 in Hong Kong. The brand was born from the desire and passion to support the athletic community in Asia, athletes and coaches.  We are coaches ourselves and know the challenges, and great joy and passion, that come from our calling.  We seek to ease the challenges, encourage growth and empower athletes of all types and ages to live well, move free and perform better.

Our brand started in a challenging time for Hong Kong and the world, and our resolve to grow and serve the community will never relent. We are exceptionally grateful for the support from the community and our partners. We and happy to share some of our milestones.

September 2019 - Next Level Coaching - our first education event as AQ Strong attended by 100+ Coaches in Hong Kong

October - December 2019 - We gain great partners in education and service including EXOS, PTAG, EXXENTRIC

February 2020 - We launch our first Apprenticeship program

March 2020 - We open our Pop Up Lab at 8 Observatory Road, a forge to test and refine our SPC ideas

April 2020 - December 2021 - Our Pop Up Lab navigates multiple lockdowns, but the feedback strengthens our resolve.

June 2020 - We open our eCommerce Shop and continue working with unique and innovate equipment brands

September 2020 - We launch AQ Strong Academy, a hub for athletic mindset and learning

December 2020 - We close the Pop Up, and put all we learned into our new Athletic Center

January 2021 -- Our unique Athletic Center at Victoria Mall is ready to open

February 18, 2021 - Our doors open for first training at Athletic Center



We develop athleticism and build better athletes.

The AQ Profile will help you create a training strategy with a complete plan.

  • Semi-Private Coaching (SPC)

  • Youth & Developmental Programs

  • Team Training

  • Offsite Training



We support the community, Athletes and Industry Professionals.

We provide endless options for our coach network to learn and grow.

  • Coach Edu membership

  • Apprenticeship

  • Network Courses

  • Workshops



We offer some of the innovative training tools athletes and coaches need.

There is a purpose for each and education to back it up. Know the why and the how of each...

  • Exxentric

  • Indian Clubs

  • Xero Shoes

  • Performance Tools