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Movement Correction



What is Movement Correction? Movement problems are not necessarily injuries, but limitations from desired performance or activity. 


Through human movement correction and re-programming inhibited muscles, Our Specialists focus on resolving these limitations , this process includes movement analysis, palpation and muscle tests. Specific soft tissue treatment and targeted corrective exercise after assessment will help athletes to move pain free and perform better.

If you are dealing with injuries we would be happy to refer you over to our colleagues who practice Physiotherapy from our network.

- 30-Minute Introductory Trial Session -




Address the root cause of movement limitations and discomfort with a 30 minute introductory trial offer.


Our Movement Correction Specialists will perform a general assessment and apply NeuroKinetic Therapy to relieve tension, improve function and help you feel better instantly.


We know you will love the result, so we’ll apply the fee towards your first package if you choose to continue your MC journey.

Kick Off Your MC Journey with a Small Gift

Who is this for?


慢性痛症/運動受傷後復康/手術後疤痕組織導致的不適/急性創傷後遺症 /裂骨斷骨/韌帶撕裂/關節扭傷等不適。

It can effectively help with: chronic joint or muscle pain/ rehab from sports injuries/ discomfort caused by post surgery scar tissues/ remedial treatment for acute injuries such as bone fracture/ torn ligament and joint sprain. 



Recovery Service 運動恢復服務


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