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Hong Kong's
Premiere Personal Training Experience

Personal Training designed and delivered
by Performance Coaches

Make it personal.
Try your first session with us.
Share your goals & motivations with us and we can show you the way forward.

Why our personal training is different

We are not your average gym; we are a place where athleticism, strength, and wellness converge. We believe in empowering our members to not only achieve their fitness goals but also excel in their athletic pursuits, from everyday activities to high-performance endeavors. 
This is the core of our philosophy. We strive to help you live a fulfilling life, move with freedom and ease, and perform at your best, no matter what your athletic aspirations may be.
At AQ STRONG, we take pride in offering personalized training sessions that address a wide range of situations, ensuring that you reach your fitness goals and experience a distinctive journey. Our experienced trainers and Movement Correction specialists are dedicated to helping you overcome various obstacles. 

Holistic Wellness

Instead of just focusing on fat loss or muscle building, AQ STRONG emphasizes holistic wellness. This includes not only physical fitness, but also mental well-being, stress management, and cultivating a balanced lifestyle. We're dedicated to helping you lead a life that's fulfilling and enriching in every aspect.


Functional Mobility

Moving freely and with ease is essential for overall quality of life. AQ STRONG places a strong emphasis on functional mobility, ensuring that your body is flexible, agile, and capable of performing daily activities effortlessly. Our training programs are designed to enhance your body's range of motion, flexibility, and coordination


Performance Enhancement

While traditional personal training often focuses on general fitness goals, AQ STRONG takes it a step further by focusing on improving your overall performance, whether you're an athlete or simply aiming to excel in your daily activities. We believe that by training with the goal of enhancing your performance, you'll not only reach your fitness goals but also achieve a level of athleticism that empowers you in all areas of life.

Here are some of the situations we can assist you with during our private training sessions:


Discover a clear personal fitness goals and tailored workout plans.


Empower our client to overcome mental barriers and be self-motivatied.


Safely increasing intensity and preventing injuries.


Focusing on proper form and technique during exercises.


Balancing strength and flexibility in your routine.


Injury Rehabilitation (for more effective results have a movement correction session)

How does it work?

Step 1

Tell us about yourself in this short questionnaire here. We’ll review it and help you schedule a first session with one of our Performance Coaches.

Step 2

Try it out. Come to your first session with one of our Coaching team. They will have reviewed your questionnaire and prepared the right first step in your personal training journey. There’s no pressure to buy and you should feel confident we’ve addressed your needs to get going. If you’re not satisfied we’ll refund your booking fee back.


Step 3

Decide how to keep going. You can speak with our team about how to achieve your goals. Is it exclusively Personal Training, Semi-Private Coaching, Open Gym or some combination of them? No worry, we’re here to help you find the right way to reach your goals.



Meet AQ STRONG Personal Training Team:

Your Partners
in fitness Excellence

Get acquainted with the exceptional individuals who drive AQ STRONG's fitness success. Our diverse team consists of skilled movement specialists, dedicated strength and conditioning experts, holistic wellness champions, rehabilitation specialists, and pre/postnatal fitness enthusiasts. With a unified focus on guiding you to achieve your aspirations, our trainers are not just mentors – they are your dedicated allies in your fitness journey. Choose AQ STRONG, and embrace the support of a team that is fully committed to your success.

Meet our team

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