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The Athletic Conditioning coaching Pack

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

近年新興多種體能挑戰賽包括HYROX & International Functional Fitness Championship 今年將再度於十一月舉行!HYROX /IFFC 是一些結合功能與耐力鍛煉的比賽,適合熱愛健身、運動的你參加。

我們的教練團隊為位各運動員準備了一個全面訓練計劃( The ATHLETIC CONDITIONING COACHING PACK)。無論你是已經有比賽經驗或是還在考慮參賽, 我們的訓練計劃都可以幫助大家部署作戰計劃,為突破自己、取得佳績而努力。

HYROX & IFFC are coming back to HK in Nov!

We have a purpose built program (The CHALLENGE COACHING PACK) designed and supported by our coaching team . Come check it out!

原價 Regular Price :$3320
早鳥優惠 Early Bird Price : $2920

*於8月13日或之前報名 Join on / before Aug 13th


+ SPC 小組訓練 x 10 堂 (*課堂時間表)

+ 10 星期網上跑步訓練課程

+ 訓練中心 - Open Gym 自由使用時間 (非繁忙時段) + 線上教學支援 + 優先報名以下工作坊及比賽體驗

  1. 作賽技巧工作坊 (免費) 由AQ Strong 教練團隊拆解比賽動作 日期:8月13日 (日) 時間:下午 2:00 - 3:30

  2. 體驗賽 體驗賽以整個比賽內容減半的形式進行,令有興趣參加的運動員試賽, 並選擇合適的比賽組別及訂立比賽目標! 日期:9月23日 (六) 時間:下午 3:00 - 5:00 費用:$200/位; 非會員:$250/位

  3. 模擬賽 完整的預賽:8個項目;8次1公里跑;驗收訓練成果! 日期:10月21日 (六) 時間:下午 2:00 - 6:00 費用:$300/位; 非會員:$350/位


+ Semi-Private Coaching x 10 Sessions (*Class Schedule)

+ 10 weeks Online Running Program

+ Open Gym For Self Training (Off-peak hours) + Online Coaching Support

+ Priority Registration for the following:

  1. Race Technique Free Workshop Our Coach will introduce the 8 exercises you will go through the technique so that you would feel more comfortable finish the race! Date: 13 Aug 2023, Sun Time: 2:00 - 3:30pm

  2. Experience Race You will be doing HALF run of all 8 exercises and 8 x 0.5KM as a test for yourself to decide which category you should go for! And to set your goal for the race! Date: 23 Sep 2023, Sat Time: 3:00 - 5:00pm Fee: $200; Non-member: $250

  3. Full Test Run You will be doing Full run of all 8 exercises and 8 x 1KM to have a taste of the actual Race! Date: 21 Oct 2023, Sat Time: 2:00 - 6:00pm Fee: $300; Non-member: $350

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