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Regenerating your body and mind

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Starting from 25th Jun, every Friday 8pm and Tue 11:30am.

Regeneration sessions are an invaluable approach to activating your body's recovery system. AQ Strong now offers a Regeneration Class to rebalance and activate your recovery mechanisms in a balanced hour. The benefits go beyond physical and will impact all areas of your stress management and life balance.

Our typical Regen session will include breathing focus with movement flow to start or end the session. The session then combines active and passive mobility, stretch and strengthen progressions for a full body benefit. This class will feel like an athletic mobility plus yoga session, pulling the benefits of both for regeneration. It is designed to be active recovery to boost energy and well-being.

Benefits of our active Regeneration session:

INCREASE CIRCULATION - essential for reducing inflammatory response and loosen up body stiffness

REBALANCE MIND-BODY - reconnecting your body and mind with Yoga and Breathing Techniques

REDUCES STIFFNESS - learn how to relax and stretch to reduce stiffness

ACTIVATE PARASYMPATHETIC - the rest & digest system is where adaptation really happens.

Use Regeneration as part of your plan in the following ways:

Pre Training (Previous day or before), to increase focus and breath for improved training

Post Training (Same day or next), to activate "Rest and Digest" and come back better, faster.

Fit Booster - to act as a boost workout for anyone coming back to activity after long layoff

Stress Buster - When outside factors are adding stress (work, life) the Regen can help to rebalance and slow things down to manageable so you can control the situation.

The Science behind Regeneration and Recovery is fascinating and still developing. We know for sure that good sleep patterns, healthy diet and well planned active recovery will switch on your Parasympathetic Nervous System. Activities such as breathing technique and gentle flow exercises have a big impact on dealing with stress, speeding up gains from training and boosting performance readiness for more intense requirements. If you would like to learn more please come join us for a Regeneration session.

Trials are available through our join page SPC and Class Pack members can book in normally.


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