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Coaches, Athletes & Exercise Science geeks wanted!

Our team is growing and looking for talented and passionate individuals. If you want to pursue excellence in the art of coaching, become a movement master and love learning and teaching then you may be a perfect fit for our team.

We believe Strong is a Choice. You get to decide your path and how to shape it. A career in coaching is truly a rewarding one, changing lives on a personal level and impacting the community at large. It is why we are passionate about empowering athletes and the people who serve them. Join a team that is relentless in this pursuit, fully supportive of each other and highly focused on building a legendary brand that makes a real impact in health, fitness and sport.

Our Top candidates will bring a zest for life and passion for teaching and helping others. They will also have a solid background in one or more of the following areas:

✅ 2 years or more in a movement discipline – martial arts, yoga, dance, gymnastics etc.

✅ 2 years or more coaching a sport any age above 8

✅ 3 years or more in a related industry such as Personal Training, Group Exercise, Corporate Wellness etc.

✅ Exercise Science or related degree or diploma

✅ Interesting background in any movement, athletic or competitive environment and can bring something unique to our team.

The rest we can teach you. There is a boring, traditional job description attached if you want to see it. Contact us when you are ready and we will get back to you, even better if you can send us some of your background, IG account or another way we can really see what you have been up to. Please do the same to us and check out our Facebook (Please add), IG (Please Add) and website

Don’t hesitate – apply at


AQ Strong現正擴展教練團隊,歡迎對運動充滿熱誠及才華的教練、運動員及運動科學愛好者加入,成為我們的一分子!如果你渴望於教練生涯中取得進步和突破,同時熱愛教育,追求持續學習及共同成長,這將會是你的好機會。



✅ 2 年或以上的運動經驗,包括武術、瑜伽、舞蹈、體操等

✅ 2 年或以上的運動教學經驗(8歲以上學生)

✅ 3年或以上的相關工作經驗,例如個人、小組、企業團體訓練等

✅ 擁有運動科學或相關學科的學位或文憑

✅ 擁有獨特而有趣的運動相關背景,並能為我的團隊注入獨一無二的元素。

有意應徵者,請把你的個人履歷連同簡單介紹電郵至。也歡迎你附上個人的Facebook/ IG專頁,讓我們進一步了解你。期待你的加入!


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