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The latest news and views from AQ Strong

Winter news!

Hello AQ Strong Athletes. This winter season AQ Strong has quite a bit of updates and activity behind the scenes. We want to share the schedule through the holiday period and share upcoming upgrades to our Athletic Center and programs.


Closures: Our Athletic Center will be closed on the following dates:

December 24 - 27: Closure for Turf Renovation / Christmas Holiday

January 1 & 2: Closure for New Year's Day and Staff Company Event

February 1 - 3: Closure for Chinese New Year Celebrations

Schedule Changes: Please check Gymmaster Schedule for updated info

December 28 - 31: Class schedule adjusted during holiday week.

December 24 - January 3rd: We will be upgrading the Weightlifting Area during this period. The Weightlifting floor will be closed off and some works will be underway throughout this period.

January 31: Possible early Closure for Chinese New Year celebrations (Stay tuned)

We have ALOT planned for the coming months. Some of the upgrades we are working on

New Weightlifting Area - Upgrade the flooring and adding new elements to Weightlifting, including brand new DC Blocks for easier stacking.

New Turf - We weren't very happy with the first installation, so we're putting in a new turf with better underlay and surface. Maybe you won't notice, but we'll know it's far better for speed and agility training!

New Posterior Chain Area - on order (90+ days away) are reverse hyperextensions, GHD and posterior chain equipment

Added ESD Equipment - We are adding another Concept2 Rower & SkiErg + 2 new Concept2 Bikes.

New Performance Tests - Vald ForcePlates & ForceFrame from Vald Performance - The Elite level assessment technology will become a part of our Advanced AQ Profile experience.


Trainheroic will migrate to Teambuildr. Sadly, Trainheroic has put up a pay wall requiring you to pay for access to your workout history with their latest update. This is not cool with us. Teambuildr offers better tracking and programming options so we're excited to move over. We'll keep you posted and working on the back end to make this a seamless transition as best we can.

Fighting Monkey Collaboration: We're partnering with world class Fighting Monkey program to build a mentorship program for our coaching team. As with all of our programs, we will integrate some of the Fighting Monkey principles and methods into our Athletic Quotient method and continue to push the innovation in athletic development for our community.

Liv Athletic: Stay tuned for more daily practice programs including Breathing, Regen & Recovery, Nutrition and Sleep.

New Coaches: We're bringing on board more coaches and will be educating them on our practices in the coming months. Our goal is to continue to offer more class options and grow the full range of services for our SPC Athletes.

We value your feedback

We are committed to the Kaizen principle of continuous improvement. Please share your thoughts on anything you think we can work to improve on with some questions below to get you started...

  1. What would you add or improve on to make your SPC experience better?

  2. How is the communication with Coaches during the sessions?

  3. How are we doing with our customer service? Are we clear with our scheduling, policies etc and any feedback where there might be pain points?

You can send your feedback to or drop it anonymously into our box in our Athlete Lounge. Thanks.

Thanks Everyone - We hope you will have a great holiday season and start to the new year.

Marco, Coach K and the AQ Strong Team.


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