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Extension Strap

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Product Details
Brand: Exxentric

The Extension Strap is a very useful accessory for exercises or users, where the standard drive belt is not long enough, or in situations where the range of motion needs to be limited



The Extension Strap was developed to accommodate any users for whom the Drive Belt wasn’t long enough during overhead exercises, such as military press, push press and single arm row.

Moreover, with its adjustable length the Extension Strap can be really useful for users who would like to limit the depth of their squat or any other exercise as per the video below.

Besides the standard usage this strap could also be used for attaching objects in a similar manner to the kPulley2 Attachment Kit and the kBox4 Attachment Kit (Standard).


The Extension Strap is 25 mm wide and 105 cm in circumference, custom made of polyester and light-weight metal. Weighing only 71 grams in total, the Extension Strap is customised for flywheel training.

Additional information

Adjustable length

up to 50 cm


71 g

SKU 19004
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