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Lx Ropes - Tiger (Intermediate)

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Product Details
Brand: Lx Ropes

Lx Ropes

Lx Ropes are made with premium marine ropes that guarantee the smoothest flow experience. Unlike regular rope, they are dense, soft, and do not coil up on itself. Our flow ropes are designed with the right weight and material providing enough comfort and responsive feedback to feel connected through every movement.

Enhance Your Athleticism

Use the rope to drill patterns, which will help both sides of the body develop coordination, rotational power, and mobility. Combined footwork and body positions improve balance and rhythm.

A Fun, Portable Tool

Take your rope outside and reconnect with nature. Flow on grass, sand, and even water. When movement exploration gets creative, rope flow is an expression, just like dancing!

**Care Guide: Use on smooth flooring or natural surfaces like grass to minimize abrasion. Clean with cold water and hang dry.

Product : Tiger
Color : Orange
Diameter : 14mm
Weight : ~550g
Length : 260cm
Level : Intermediate

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