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kBox4 Active Golf System

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Product Details

kBox4 Active Golf System

The kBox4 Active Golf System has been crafted with the intent to aid Golfers. It bundles our popular kBox4 Active platform with carefully selected accessories to improve your performance on the course.

This system facilitates a wide variety of kBox lower body movements for increased ground reaction forces to power up your swing.

kBox4 Active Golf System includes:

kBox4 Active Platform
Angle Adjuster
Flywheel S - 0.010 kgm²
Flywheel M - 0.025 kgm²
Flywheel L - 0.050 kgm²
Harness - M
Ankle Cuffs

Device Specifications:

kBox4 Active Platform

Top surface 65.5 X 43.5cm
Foot print 76 X 51cm
Height 21cm
Weight 15kg
Inertia range 0.005 kgm² - 0.100 kgm²
Range of motion 175 cm
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