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We are proud to be the OFFICIAL PARTNER of Exxentric in Hong Kong & Macao. 
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kBox4 Active Studio System

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Product Details
Brand: Exxentric

KBox4 Active Studio System


The kBox4 Active is the ideal home exercise equipment. The Studio System provides a complete solution for home training. Flywheel Training offers unique benefits including training with higher resistance and high speeds and being able to load through the eccentric (lengthening) phase of movements.

  • kBox4 Active Platform (4 colors available)
  • Angle Adjuster
  • 2 x Flywheel - L - 0.050 kgm²
  • Flywheel - M - 0.025 kgm²
  • Hip Belt (Medium)
  • kGrips (Pair)
  • kBar (Original)
  • Ankle Cuffs (Pair)

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