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show time

Showtime may already be performing at relatively high level. However, they are in higher risk of injury due to low work capacity on load, stress, volume and lower movement quality. 



Showtime athletes do well at performing skills but are unbalanced for strength, mobility and endurance. A progressive training plan which emphasizes on developing overall strength and endurance will have a big impact on performance. Balance this program with good recovery including soft tissue work and stability exercises to reduce risk of injury. 


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• Throwing

• Catching

• Hitting

• Balance training 

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• Soft tissue work

• Neural priming

• Movement prep

• Recovery / Regeneration 

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• Bodyweight

• Free weight

• Compound lifts

• Unilateral training 

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• Steady state cardio

• Metabolic training

• Interval training < 4 mins

• Max effort burst < 1 min 

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• Sprinting

• Change of direction

• Cutting / Shuffling

• Games / Play 

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• Plyometric

• Jump / Hop / Bound / Skip

• Medicine ball training

• Weightlifting 

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