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Director, Movement Science & Neuro-performance

Kieron Chan

Kieron is the director of our Integrated Mobility program, movement therapy, & recovery service. 

His understanding of the human body is the secret sauce adding flavor to all we do. His casual style and command of the classroom make him a highly sought after and entertaining educator. 
His lectures & classes are always joyful!


Coaching philosophy

It's very simple. Give people what they need for the activities engaged & be better every day. Education is always be a major part of our training. Building adequate awareness keeps people motivated & hopeful enough to carry on with their journey to health & performance.

White Sheet

Q&A for our coach!

Q: Why does client education is essential in AQ Strong?

Education empower people. It's very powerful for us to build up community of athletic mindset. We share, discuss, experience together in our centre. any newcomers join AQ Strong find out clients are all learning from each other everyday. The more educated our athletes are, the less likely they'll be injured or de-conditioned, & it surely bring them more PR moments!

Q: What's neuro-performance? 

Our development, movement, athleticism originate from our brains. Signals are received & sent to the rest of the body carrying out physical activities & sports performances. We didn't realised that we are suppressing it in all different ways. Waking our brain up can surely waking the giants from within. It's a game-changer.

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How my team thinks about me…

"Our Movement Master. Kieron is so knowledgable in human anatomy that he can incoperate sport science into his education."

- AC Sonia

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