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Good job! Pro-Ready have developed all rounded foundation. They will benefit from training with more advanced strategies and methods. We highly recommend Pro Ready to speak with AQ coaches for a precise evaluation in order to fully utilize their athleticism and draw the best out of them. 



Pro-Ready are well balanced profiles with solid capability in each area. The Pro-Ready should refine their purpose to create a more detailed and specific program. Pro-Ready can optimize the capabilities which are most important to them. These profiles are in the best position to specialize since their foundation is strong. Coaching can bring out the best in this profile based on the talent, skills and motivation. 


Artboard 10000.png

• Throwing

• Catching

• Hitting

• Balance training 

Artboard 7000.png

• Soft tissue work

• Neural priming

• Movement prep

• Recovery / Regeneration 

Artboard 11000.png

• Bodyweight

• Free weight

• Compound lifts

• Unilateral training 

Artboard 13000.png

• Steady state cardio

• Metabolic training

• Interval training < 4 mins

• Max effort burst < 1 min 

Artboard 14000.png

• Sprinting

• Change of direction

• Cutting / Shuffling

• Games / Play 

Artboard 15000.png

• Plyometric

• Jump / Hop / Bound / Skip

• Medicine ball training

• Weightlifting 

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