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Coach EDU

A unique education based membership for industry professionals. Personal Trainers, Coaches, Educators and Athletes can all grow from our network and ongoing programs.

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Open Gym 

Train around other pros in a professional environment

Regular Schedule

Mon- Fri       8:30am – 12pm & 2pm – 5pm

Weekends.  1pm – 8pm

Coach Practice  

A unique, daily program of coach education and sharing. We cover a topic on potential, capacity and expression to develop coaching skills. Practice your skills in a supportive and collaborative environment

Get first access and special discounts on courses, education programs and equipment. Coach EDU get the best rate before anyone else. Includes exclusive access for our Coach EDU network to international presenters, coaches and online resources.

EDU Enroll & Network


EDU members get exclusive access to our online AQ Strong Academy.  Access new content, materials from Coach Practice and tutorials on training equipment to stay ahead of your field.

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