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Investment Opportunity

Make an impact with us


A leading brand that is ready to grow

Take pride in your investment by joining a leader and innovator. We are so much more than your cookie cutter fitness franchise. We are a transcendent brand.
Join us as we change the landscape of performance, fitness and coaching in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area with a vision to lead and transform the hearts and minds of our community into a vibrant, thriving and athletic people.

Why invest in us?

At AQ Strong, we believe in being so much more than ordinary.
Our unique offerings include:

The Hardware

Our performance centre design and integration is second to none. We execute on the highest facility standards, design and innovations to create an unique experience like no other in Asia.
We are ready to create many more boutique studios and athletic centres and need your support to do it.


The Software

We are a Coaching company. This is where we excel – the ability to make the science, innovation and experience real and human drives meaningful progress and growth for everyone.
We leverage technology with people but our approach is authentic and real. We have coaching IP and systems ready to scale.


The Mindset

We are a team of relentless and experienced leaders. We’re not scared to set a higher standard and have a proven track record of living up to it, no matter the challenges we face. Our company leadership has been together for 13+ years. We know our industry and we know coaching. Check out Marco & Coack K.

Assets Under Our Belt

Premiere Performance HUB

Athletic Centre

  • Overview:
    The Athletic Centre stands as the flagship performance hub of AQ Strong. Meticulously designed and equipped, it represents the pinnacle of training facilities in the region. From state-of-the-art equipment to cutting-edge coaching spaces, the Athletic Centre provides a comprehensive and immersive experience for competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

  • Unique Features:
    The center boasts specialized training zones, recovery facilities, and a team of expert coaches dedicated to the 'live well, move free, perform better' mindset. Members of the Athletic Centre gain access to exclusive programs and events, making it a sought-after destination for those serious about their training journey. It is built to maximize choice and the training experience.

Future Endeavors

Our next steps include


Mentorship Program

Creating Asia's Finest Coaches
  • Objective:
    AQ Strong is committed to raising the bar in fitness coaching across Asia. The Mentorship Program aims to identify, nurture, and refine aspiring coaches, creating a pool of professionals who embody AQ Strong's ethos and commitment to excellence.

  • Program Features:
    The mentorship program goes beyond conventional training, providing mentees with direct access to seasoned industry experts, exclusive workshops, and opportunities to work closely with AQ Strong's coaching teams. The goal is to produce coaches who not only understand the science of fitness but also possess the leadership and motivational skills to inspire lasting change in their clients.


Athletic Boutique

Introducing Premium Boutiques and Studio Models
  • Concept:
    AQ Strong is set to diversify its offerings with the introduction of Athletic Boutiques—premium fitness studios that cater to niche markets and specific fitness trends. These boutiques will provide a more intimate and specialized experience for members seeking unique and targeted fitness solutions.

  • Differentiation:
    Each Athletic Boutique will be carefully curated to offer a distinct fitness experience, incorporating AQ Strong's signature coaching methods and design aesthetics. This expansion into boutique fitness reflects AQ Strong's adaptability and commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its diverse clientele.

  • Athletic Centres - The Athletic Centre remains our central hub, attracting athletes from far and wide to engage in the highest level of coaching and technical expertise. The Athletic Centre creates significant value to the boutique club network.

Greater Bay Area Expansion

Scaling Our Impact Across Regions
  • Strategic Growth:
    AQ Strong is poised for expansion beyond its current footprint, particularly in the dynamic Greater Bay Area. The expansion strategy involves identifying key locations, establishing strategic partnerships, and tailoring offerings to suit the unique fitness landscape of each region.

  • Regional Impact:
    The Greater Bay Area expansion aligns with AQ Strong's vision to transform communities into vibrant, thriving, and athletic hubs. By scaling operations across regions, AQ Strong aims to become a regional leader in the fitness and performance industry.

China's Greqter Bay Area 

GDP of cities, Hong Kong and Marcu

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We welcome investors willing to be part of this transformative journey.
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Thank you for expressing your interest in AQ Strong. Your trust in our vision and commitment to excellence is deeply appreciated. As an investor, you are not only joining our transformative journey but also playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of fitness and coaching across Asia.


As we move forward together, envision a future where AQ Strong stands apart from the fitness industry, redefining standards, and inspiring communities to embrace vibrant, thriving, and athletic lifestyles. Your partnership with AQ Strong will be instrumental in making this vision a reality.


We are confident that, with your support, dedication, and our unwavering commitment to excellence, success is not just a possibility—it's a certainty. Coach K and Marco will personally reach out to discuss this investment opportunity with you, sharing detailed insights and answering any questions you may have.


Once again,

thank you for believing in AQ Strong.

Together, we will achieve greatness.

We welcome investors willing to be part of this transformative journey.
Share your interest by providing basic details below:
Phone: +852 6770 4820 (Ka Hei Tse) / +1 551 232 4986 (Marco)
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