Coaching Membership & Class Pack Options

Enrollment & Cancellation: Joining options and cancelling my membership

Monthly Open Enrollment – Join the first month, auto-pay monthly through credit card billing thereafter. Cancellation – Can cancel with one full month notice (you will be billed one more time for cancellation). Request cancellation online through member portal (delete icon next to membership). Ask about placing membership on hold instead for special circumstances. Paid in Full options (PIF) – Pay for the full year up front, no cancellation but can pay cash, credit or bank transfer. Class Packs – Pay for a set number of classes with an expiration date to use them of 1 week per class. Note: There are no refunds for PIF and Class Pack options.

SPC Class Credits: How many do I get and how do they work?

SPC 8 – Get 8 Class Credits per month at Monthly rate – Top up each additional class at $175 / class paid at time of booking SPC 14 – Get 14 Class Credits per month at Monthly Rate – Top up each additional class at $125 / Class paid at time of booking. SPC Premiere – Receive unlimited (2x daily) class credits to use per month, no additional top up needed. Class Packs – Class packs can use 1 credit per class.

Booking & Cancelling Classes: How do I book and what happens if I cancel a class?

Booking – you can book directly online but we recommend you download the Gymmaster App and book through SCHEDULE on the app. Booking in advance – Members with valid credits can book up to two weeks in advance. Please note that monthly memberships issue new class credits on the monthly anniversary date. Once monthly credits are exhausted a top up per class is required for SPC 8 and SPC 14. Cancellation: Cancellation six (6) hours before the class start time are returned to your account. Cancellations within the six hour window or no show to class are charged as if attended.

Open Gym: What is it and how do I add it?

Open Gym gives you access to our center during the Open Gym hours. This is your time for self-workout. There are some restrictions to use since we are normally running education and special programs. It is our intent to make the strength training area available during all open gym times. SPC 8 and SPC 14 can add Open Gym at the prevailing monthly rate as an Add-On membership. Just let us know if you would like to add it. SPC Premiere get Open Gym included with their membership. Open Gym is not available for Class Pack or as a standalone service.

What are the other benefits?

Training App – Coaching memberships receive the training app included with membership. It is not available for other memberships You will receive an email invite within the first week of joining a Coaching membership. AQ Profile – Coaching memberships receive one AQ Profile assessment credit per quarter (based on enrollment date). Class credit is not required to book. AQ Profile Assessment can be booked by Class Pack members using one class credit.

Club Check-In.

Check In hours are based on membership – Peak Hour Check In – Any SPC member can check in during peak hours for their class. Peak hours are any hours in which SPC classes are scheduled. Open Gym Check In – Requires an open gym add-on membership to check into the club at these hours, otherwise access will be denied.

Memberships on Hold: Can I freeze or pause my membership for any period?

Yes! Monthly billing memberships (SPC 8, SPC 14 and SPC Premiere) can go on hold from 15 to 30 days with a hold fee of $200. Memberships will be extended for equal time of the Hold period. Holds can be applied directly through app or member portal no less than 3 days before the next billing cycle and cannot be enacted retroactively. Billing and benefits will resume when membership is off hold. SPC members can freeze a maximum of 30 days per annual membership period. For any other special Hold requests please contact our team to assist.

Medical Freeze: What if I am injured on not able to come due to medical complications?

We will place your membership on hold free of charge with medical documentation. However, since one key service of athletic development is ‘return to play’ programs, we would like to see if we can make special arrangements to help your recovery back to full health and offer alternate options. Once you are cleared by your physician your billing will return to normal.

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