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Coach Development

Join us in an upcoming professional development course.  AQ Strong offers an Apprentice Program, continuing education and partners with some of the world’s leading education providers to bring Certifications and professional development to Asia.  Elevate your coaching game by joining our network and attending a coaching course.  We also offer professional development consultation to help you make the right decisions for your career path.  All movement, exercise and performance professionals are welcome!

Athlete Training

Join our public training sessions and programs as an athlete, fitness enthusiast or coach. Our training sessions cover our unique AQ Strong approach and cover the Athletic Quotient spectrum. While we offer privately available coaching programs, we will always strive to educate and reach the community with open enrollment programs for anyone who wants to develop their athletic ability.

Workshop & Seminars

Join in our public learning programs, available to anyone who has an interest in improving their well being with an athletic mindset.  We focus on live well, move free and perform better and cover a range of topics relevant for coaches, athletes, parents, youth and fitness enthusiasts.


Beyond Lifestyle

know and achieve your aim every day


Youth Physical Development


Performance Fitness


Your AQ

Potential – Empower yourself by choosing to be better everyday.

Your Athletic Quotient is a snapshot of where you are now, giving you insight into your capability and where to focus your time and energy


Our Coaches will help you to find your AQ score, set your aim and acquire the skills and abilities to achieve your aim. 


We are passionate about making a difference. This is at the core of coaching.  The programs we offer are purpose driven to make a difference.  Each can be delivered individually, for small or large groups and to organizations and teams.

Education & Leadership
Performance & Skill
Strength & Conditioning
Physical Development for Under 16


We serve the Asia Pacific region based from our home in Hong Kong.  Our team works with everyone from young children to professional athletes and advises the health, wellness and sports industry regularly.  Our community has only one requirement to join, respect for each other.   Our commitment is to elevate ourselves and our members every day to be better.


JOIN US for a stronger, better world.


About Us

We are Coaches.

It is our purpose to help you Live Well, Move Free and Perform Better.  

Sammy Wong

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