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Managing Director

Marco Ferdinandi

Marco is our Business leader, with 25+ years as a coach, educator, director, and consultant.


He is focused on building strong relationships with partners and the community. He combines an MBA with practical coaching and leadership experience. Sometimes he gets things right. 

White Sheet

Q: Are you free for an espresso?

Yes, always.

Q&A for our coach!

Q: Tell me about your coaching journey!

I started Coaching when I was 15. Our Local Little League (West Side LL in Jersey City, NJ) needed volunteer coaches to help setup another 8&9 yr old team. Me and two friends were asked to help out and Coached for two seasons so the team could play. We really had no idea what we were doing, but it was fun and the kids loved it. Since then Coaching has been a constant growth process for me and never disappoints. I've had an amazing life Coaching and Leading. It's brought me across the world and introduced me to wonderful people and great life challenges. I also love being part of a team - flying solo ain't my thing. I couldn't be prouder of what we are doing at AQ Strong. The team's values and dedication to bring their best daily to our athletes are an inspiration. They have a dogged determination to be better everyday and their passion feels like a fountain of youth for a salty ole' dog like me.

Q: Any advice for young coaches?

This includes Athletes! Take the long view. So many of the lessons I have learned over the years continually come back to enlighten me and help solve current challenges. I know because my team sighs when I keep repeating the same stories from my past. As a Coach, you just don't know which athlete will rise above their challenges and become something special in their sport. More importantly, you just don't know what lesson or influence you are having today will impact someone's life and help them be better regardless of their path. It's a wonderful responsibility to have, so learn everyday as you will live forever, care for each and every athlete you have the privilege to work with and treat every other coach as they are - your colleague and peer in this great endeavor.

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How my team thinks about me…

"The big man behind the scene"

- Coach Edward

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