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Beechwood Meels 3kg (Pairs)

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Persian meels were born from ancient army training for strength and conditioning. They were originally used to prepare warriors and soldiers to fight with sword and shield on the battlefield. The meels in particular were used to develop fighting strength and fitness endurance for long, difficult battles. The training art continued through history in the traditional Zurkaneh, or training gyms, of Persia – now modern day Iran – and are part of the traditional Persian Yoga practice that also includes the Shena (board). They remain an excellent tool for developing overall strength, power and stamina linking full body to upper body actions. The weight, shape and length of the Persian Meel all play a role in the type of torque (rotational forces) you generate as you swing them. For this reason, many different varieties were used to train soldiers and are still used today for strong, mobile shoulders and solid core and postural control. Due to speed and momentum involved in swinging, we recommend you start with much lighter weights than you might use in other types of training (dumbbell / kettlebell) and work from shorter meels to longer meels as part of your advancement. The goal should be to develop smooth, consistent swing patterns with good breathing and technique for efficiency.

Anyone can learn the art of Meel swinging. Please ask us if you have any questions or are interested in a custom set not shown here.

Here are our recommendations to get started

Pairs are measure in set weight – i.e. a pair of meals each weighing 1.6 kg makes for a 3.2kg set. To make it easier, we describe our Meels as the weight for each Meel.

Ideal for most beginners – 1.6kg – 2.5 kg Pairs / 3.2kg – 5kg Set

When to increase the weight? Assuming you are working with relatively same length of meels, you should confidently be able to cast (swinging) 100 reps in a training session with good rhythm and timing before you consider moving up to next week. We suggest increasing no more than 1kg and mastering the next level.

NOTE: all of our Persian Meels are hand-crafted by a master carpenter in Portugal and are made from natural wood. This may lead to normal imperfections and some cracking in the wood that do not hinder the performance of the meel in any way. We recommend purchasing a pair of finished (paint, varnish) meels to protect the wood and all of our standard meels are finished. If you would like a custom set unfinished we would recommend using a wood oil regularly to maintain the health of the wood.

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