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Product Details
Brand: Therabody


This ultra-portable, lightweight, smart vibration therapy device delivers pinpointed pressure and vibration
to focused areas for reduced tension and improved movement. A modern take on the traditional lacrosse
ball massage, Wave Solo uses vibration to dampen the pain typically felt while digging deep into muscle.
Three powerful vibration frequencies and innovative wave texture allow its ergonomic shape to work deep
into hard-to-reach areas, while our innovative QuietRoll Technology™ effectively mutes sound and

reverberations. Get focused treatment where you need it, wherever you are.

Color : BLACK


● QuietRoll Technology
Our innovative QuietRoll technology effectively mutes any reverberation from the device to the surrounding environment, redirecting all of that powerful vibration to your body
● 3 vibration settings
Our powerful vibration frequencies can be adjusted to your comfort level to help release soreness, reduce tension, and improve movement
● Smart device with Bluetooth® Connectivity
Connect to the Therabody app via Bluetooth to discover guided warm-up and recovery routines specifically tailored to your needs
● USB-C enabled
Easy charging solution.
● 2-Hour battery life
Long-lasting 2 hours of battery life for sustained use.

What's Included

  • Wave Solo
  • Protective Carrying Pouch
  • USB-A to USB-C cable
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