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Strength & Power | Barbell Club

Alvin Chan

Alvin is passionate about Olympic weightlifting & strength development - specifically barbell and dumbbell.


His caring coaching style helps athletes to be motivated & be transcended in weeks!

White Sheet
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Q&A for our coach!

Q: What motivates you as a coach?

I used to be skinny, weak, and lack of self-confidence before I started training. Training has changed my life both physically and mentally and I want to help others to achieve the same thing!

Q: What sport are you most active in now?

Olympic weightlifting! It is a very challenging yet rewarding sport because you're required to lift heavy weights from the floor to above your head in a split second, things can go wrong even if the barbell is out of place for just an inch.

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How my team thinks about me…

"Well mannered and eager to learn new things. A patient teacher and learner."

- AC Phoebe

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