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Strength & Conditioning | Mobility

Boo Chan

Boo has over 10 years of coaching experience, and throughout her teaching journey, she has discovered that every individual possesses unique strengths and potential. It only requires finding suitable methods and strategies to explore and unleash them. She believe in the power of encouragement and guidance, which can help her clients build confidence, cultivate self-awareness, and develop problem-solving abilities.

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White Sheet
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Q&A for our coach!

Q: What was your favorite sport?

I grew up playing basketball. I have done many types of training, however not until I became a trainer that all the dots started to connect. Traditional training of what I have experienced wasn't efficient enough. My goal is to bring the most up to date and scientific training to my students to help them achieve their top performance.

Q: What do you like best about your role?

I love unlocking my students' mental and physical capacity.


Professional Courses and Certifications

■ Performance Specialist Course, EXOS

■ Exxentric Trainer

■ Stick mobility

■ FRC mobility specialist

■ Pilates

■ Post-Rehab Trainer

■ Rehab Trainer

■ Stretch Practitioner, Stretch Therapy

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How my team thinks about me…

"Driven Person, great friend, amazing teacher."

- Coach Edward

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