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Senior Coach

Ivan Ku

With over 10 years of working with different athletes, coach Ivan specializes in helping athletes prevent injuries and achive better results. He came from a track & field and triathlon background and is also highly trained in the Speed & Agility aspect. He is currently the head of strength & conditioning coach for HK Rope Skipping Academy and also worked with national Frisbee, Shuttlecock, Figure Skating athletes. Athletes are often referred to coach Ivan because of his effective approach.

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Professional Courses and Certifications

■ Performance Specialist, EXOS

■ CFSC Lv 2

■ Integrated Mobility Instructor

■ FRC Mobility Specialist

■ Stick Mobility

■ Exxentric Trainer

■ Neurokinetic Therapy Lv3

■ Intergrated Kinetic Neurology Lv1

■ Immaculate Dissection 1-4

■ Strain-Counterstrain Intro

White Sheet

Q&A for our coach!

Q: What motivates you as a coach?

Sharing knowledge (coaching) came naturally when I was a teenager. It was not about the best knowledge, but rather what you say is helping another or not.

Q: Any athletic goal you are striving for?

With 20 + years of tennis & golfing experience, I look forward to upgrading my beginner skills to the next level in 2022.


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How my team thinks about me…

"The Coaching equivalent of Plastic Man. He can bend and flex into anything and is really as versatile a Coach as I've ever met. He can do it all!"

- Marco

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