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Chief Woof Officer (CWO) -

The Canine Coach

Che Che

Meet Che, our esteemed Chief Woof Officer (CWO) at AQ STRONG. By day, a vigilant guardian of the premises, but by night, Che transforms into a furry mentor and motivator extraordinaire. With an unwavering commitment to the midnight hustle, Che's coaching sessions are legendary—tail-wagging workouts and bark-powered motivation are just a few of his specialties.

Don't be fooled by his adorable appearance—behind those expressive eyes lies a powerhouse of motivation and a paws-itively integral part of the AQ STRONG coaching team. Join Che for an unparalleled workout experience—where strength, determination, and a whole lot of slobber combine for an unforgettable fitness journey.

White Sheet

Q&A for our coach

Q: Why did you become a coach?

Ruff! I became a coach to inspire others through my boundless enthusiasm and furry wisdom.

Well, I realized my bark had the power to motivate and inspire others. So, I decided to put my skills to good use and help everyone at AQ STRONG find their inner strength!

Q: What is your hobby?

Chasing squirrels, mastering the art of fetch, and sharing paw-sitive vibes with everyone at AQ STRONG!


I absolutely love sprinting around the AQ STRONG yard, playing hide and seek, and indulging in well-deserved belly rubs. Oh, and let's not forget my excellent tail-wagging skills!

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How my teammates think about me…

""Che, you're the real MVP of our team! Your tail-wagging workouts and 'pawsitive' vibes make every exercise feel like playtime. Your energy is infectious, and your coaching style turns sweat sessions into fun sessions. Thanks for being our four-legged fitness guru at AQ STRONG! 🐾💪""

- AQ STRONG marketing, Deyon

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