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Elevate Your Team's Health in 2024

Exclusive Corporate Wellness Offer

Our Corporate Wellness Programme is designed to help companies of all sizes promote and improve the health and well-being of their employees.


Team Engagement

AQ STRONG offers a variety of services to keep employees healthy and engaged which are key to driving business growth.

On-Site Active Recovery
at Your Office

Our certified mobility coaches provide on-site classes to help employees relax, reduce stress and boost productivity.

Private Group
Fitness Training

Our expert coaches provide private group fitness training sessions to help employees improve their physical health and increase energy levels.

Team Building

AQ STRONG team building activities such as Game Challenges, which help to promote teamwork, communication and motivation among employees.

Employee benefits

We offer a variety of services to help improve and support employee engagement and physical and mental well-being.


Enjoy a complimentary 1-to-1 Personal Training (60 mins) session and a Nutrition Consultation (30 mins) at a AQ STRONG location for each employee.


Reward your employees for their hard work with our bundled private training sessions (both Weight Training & Mobility Training).

Lifestyle Packages

Designed for executives, packages include Personal Training, Private Activity Recovery and Regular Assessments.


Service plan Offers

Our Corporate Cardholder Discount programme provides companies with preferential rates on plans and personal training packages to promote regular exercise among their employees.

Passes and Benefits

All full-time employees can enjoy preferential rates and try our programme for 5 days for free. Extend programme benefits to your spouse and immediate family members.

Corporate Cardholder Programme

We have exclusive discounts for teams that travel frequently with our All-Asia Drop-in packages.

Promote Physical Activity with Our Corporate Programme

Regular physical activity is an essential aspect of overall wellness. That’s why our Corporate Cardholder Programme is designed to help companies promote regular physical activity among their employees and meet your organisation’s needs.


Health & Nutrition Seminars

AQ STRONG offers a variety of educational nutrition and health seminars to help boost your employee's well-bring.

Active Recovery

We provide employees consists of gentle movement flow, easy stretches and mindful breathing. It will enhance circulation and facilitate better recovery from fatigue, training and everyday stress.​

Wellness Challenges

From fitness activities to stress management techniques, these challenges help employees establish healthy habits and improve their overall well-being.

Nutrition Talks

We provide employees with the knowledge and resources they need to make healthier food choices. Topics include weight management, nutrient-dense eating and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

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