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Movement Correction Specialist

SCS Functional Practitioner

Sing Kong

Sing is one of our Movement Corrective Specialists. With the background in NeuroKinetic Therapy and Stick Mobility, he likes to work together with his clients to find out the root cause to their body pain and structural problems.


He enjoys playing team sport, especially basketball, in his free time, which fuels his passion in helping people to enhancing their sport performance with movement correction.

White Sheet

Q&A for our coach

Q: Why did you become a coach?

I find it fascinating to help people restoring their mobility and brining them back to the top of their game. 

Q: What is your hobby?

I like to spend time exploring the sea and watching National Geographic Channel.

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How my teammates think about me…

"Sing is a hardworking and fun guy, he is eager to acquire himself with different knowledge and skills to help his clients."

- Coach Pui

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