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Beechwood Gada (Mace) 2.5kg

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Gada (Mace) –

Please ask us if you have any questions or are interested in a custom set not shown here.

The ancient Gada has a long and beautiful tradition within the Indian Martial arts. The Gada, aka mace, is closely associated with the Hindu deity Lord Hanuman as a symbol of sovereignty and moral values. Much like Persian Meels and Indian Clubs, they were used for training soldiers though the Gada is also unique in that it was a weapon itself. It was not designed to replace the Sword and Shield. It was considered a prestigious weapon of choice of the Hindi commanders and strongest warriors. The Gada and modern day counterparts such as Steel mace provide a unique training method using rotational power and forces. The style of training is excellent for linking the full body and training in 360 degree patterns. This allows the Gada practitioner to take advantage of torque and stimulate both the deep core and large mover muscles in a highly dynamic way, building skill, strength, stamina and power.

Gada is a very mindful method of training, think Yoga for warriors and strength enthusiasts. The length, shape, design and weight of the Gada all influence the type of forces you will need to control and work with. For this reason you will find an endless variety of Gada, each one presenting it’s own unique benefit and challenge. Generally, the shorter the length of the Gada and more evenly dispersed are easier to manage, but provide less momentum and torque in movement. Even a light weight Gada with a long neck (handle) can generate very high forces. This makes mindful technique and good breathing and form especially important.

Here are our recommendations to get started

Our standard Gada measure from 85 – 105 cm are good for most beginners and intermediate users. We recommend the shorter and lighter Gada for anyone shorter than 164cm height to get started. The 1 meter Gada (3.5kg) is fine for beginners taller than 165cm and heavier weights are recommended for anyone taller than 180cm.

NOTE: all of our Gada are hand-crafted by a master carpenter in Portugal and are made from natural wood. This may lead to normal imperfections and some cracking in the wood that do not hinder the performance of the meel in any way. We recommend purchasing a pair of finished (paint, varnish) meels to protect the wood and all of our standard meels are finished. If you would like a custom set unfinished we would recommend using a wood oil regularly to maintain the health of the wood.

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