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We are proud to be the OFFICIAL PARTNER of Exxentric in Hong Kong & Macao. 
We are proud to work with all of these brands as partners and ambassadors.

ICP Indian Clubs & Shena Board

Artisan, hand-crafted clubs & boards made by a master carpenter in Portugal. All products are original woodwork from sustainable wood sources. Our Clubs are Boards are 100% wood construction and designed to last a lifetime and look and feel beautiful.

Indian Clubs are a classic movement practice that develop shoulder mobility, coordination and strength while the flows and exercises are also great for mind-body connection. Indian Clubs can be used as a skill practice, excellent warmup routine or part of a progressive training program to develop mobility, coordination, flexibility and upper limb strength. Indian Clubs can be a lifetime practice to engage the mind and body and are excellent for all ages.

The Shena is a wooden push-up board specially designed for Persian Yoga. Shena form part of the strength and conditioning practice of Persian Yoga and allow athletes to move through a variety of flows with various grips and exercises. They are excellent for developing core and shoulder strength and mobility through a dynamic series of movements with exercises. They are appropriate for beginners and advanced users alike.

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Classic Large Clubs
Classic Large Clubs
Classic Large Clubs
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Unique Artisan Push Up Boards
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