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AQ Strong News -- May 2023

AQ Strong @Fitness & Wellness Expo! May 13 - 14 at Asia World Expo Hall 9,Booth B70 & B72

AQ Strong will be there to greet you again at the Hong Kong Fitness and Wellness Expo (FWE) 2023! We have 30+ members and coaches participating in HYROX Race. Come cheer for them and visit our booth at the Gym Village! Check out the 6 challenges and win the Grand Price!







Limited complimentary Tickets Available! Use code FWE_AQ_STRONG

Coach Ivan will be leading a class at the main stage this time!

Date: 13 May 2023 Time: 17:00 - 17:45 Stage: Main Stage

Be Athletic with AQ Strong Train with 5 major elements including Mobility, Power, Agility, Strength and Energy System Training. It is designed with regression to suits participants of all fitness levels, with a lot of fun. Everyone can be athletic regardless of their starting point! Used code [IVAN] to get $10 discount on getting the PREMIUM TICKET!

We hope to see you at FWE 2023, bring family and friends and share in a weekend dedicated to physical health, wellbeing and athletic fitness.

New Class Schedule Release!

Weightlifting Fundamental

Focus: Prepare you for the Olympic Weightlifting class. So you’ll be able to follow a intensive lifting program.

*Suitable for athletes with no or minimal weightlifting experience. Class Schedule: Mon - 7pm; Wed - 12nn; Sat - 1pm

Olympic Weightlifting

Focus: Using a systematic approach to get stronger and faster in Olympic Weightlifting.

The goal is to improve your performance in the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.

*You’ll need to perform all the accessory lifts in Weightlifting Fundamental before joining this class, please talk to our coach if you are in doubt) Class Schedule: Tue - 8pm; Thur - 8pm; Sun - 1pm

Kaizen Mindset - Pursue constant improvements...

Our focus on improvement extends to all areas - athletes, coaches and environment. We're happy to have recently completed two improvements in the past month -

  • LIGHTING - we have changed the lights for a brighter training environment and to reduce the shadows where light doesn't reach.

  • SOUND - we installed a new sound system for througout the club (excl Mobility Studio) for even sound all around you.

We continue to look at all the details and every aspect of what we do to create the best environment for our athletes. Some of the recent equipment we've added

  • Run Rocket - Resisted Speed Trainer on the Turf

  • More Clubs, Meels and Gada (mace) in the Mobility Studio

  • IsoPhit - Isometric Training tool in the Personal Coaching cove

  • Quantifiable Isometrics with a force scale

We have more planned to come - stay tuned for Leader Boards, New mobility equipment, high tech testing gear and some specialty shop items ; )

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Just email us at or chat with us anytime!

Thanks for your continued support!

Team AQ Strong


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