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Be Athletic - The inspired way to live

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Be Athletic「 21日小組訓練計劃 」強勢回歸! - $2250 x 30節SPC課堂


無論你想挑戰自己、或由今日起培養每日運動的好習慣,「Be Athletic 21日小組訓練計劃」都可助你達到目標!






第一輪: 27/2 - 29/3 (已完結)

第二輪: 6/3 - 5/4 (已完結)

第三輪: 13/3 - 12/4 (已完結)

第四輪 : 20/3 - 19/4 (已完結) 加推最新兩輪將於復活節後開始: 第五輪 : 17/4 - 16/5 第六輪 : 24/4 - 23/5


於30天內完成至少21天訓練 (不需連續21天進行)


- 健康的運動生活習慣!據研究指出,養成一個習慣大約需要堅持21天。

- SPC首月半價月費計劃優惠 (包括 SPC 8 / SPC 14 / SPC Premiere)

活動期間: 可參與所有SPC 課堂

🔹 AQ Flow - 綜合運動能力

🔹 Integrated Mobility - 靈活度及穩定性

🔹 Strength & Power - 力量與爆發力

🔹 Speed & Agility - 速度和敏捷度

🔹 Athletic Conditioning - 能量系統訓練

🔹 Weightlifting - 舉重班

🔹 Regeneration - 恢復與放鬆

你有決心接受挑戰嗎? #BeAthletic


如欲查詢及了解更多,請即發送電郵至 或 WhatsApp 6763 2813。

條款及細則 :

*此優惠活動只限於從未申請 SPC 會藉的新參加者,並不適用於現有/舊有 SPC 會員


*最終會根據參加者在 GymMaster 的到訪記錄,核對是否足夠 21 天訓練日數

*此優惠活動會籍包括 30 節 SPC 課堂,其後額外課堂為 150 元/一堂


Build a habit that sticks with our 21 days Be Athletic challenge.

Why should you BE ATHLETIC?

  • Athletic is HEALTHY and FIT! Pursuing everything your body is capable of doing leads to your healthiest, fittest and most confident self.

  • Balanced Training - don't be fooled by the latest fad. Athletic training gets results because it addresses your most important needs, be it mobility, strength, power, endurance and in the proportion you need them.

  • Progressive by design - Athletic methods aren't one-off workouts but part of a larger plan with purpose, thoughtfully designed to fit together.

  • Fun! Our semi-private team setting builds friendships, fuels motivation and inspires your best efforts.

What is the 21 Day Challenge of Be Athletic?

Join us for at least 21 days of Semi-Private Coaching classes within the fixed 30 day to kick start your athletic journey. Set a routine, form a habit and build your athletic life. Join us and prove to yourself that you can do it!

Promo Membership: $2250 HKD - Join here!

Fixed Membership Period - Select the Round Link to Join!

  • First Round: Feb 27 - Mar 29

  • Second Round: Mar 06 - Apr 05

  • Third Round: Mar 13 - Apr 12

  • Fourth Round: Mar 20 - Apr 19

We are adding 2 rounds after Easter! Don't miss the last chance!

30 SPC Sessions included, intended for once daily use.

Need more? - Top up +$150 for any additional sessions after 30.

Available for any SPC core Classes:

🔹 AQ Flow

🔹 Integrated Mobility

🔹 Strength & Power

🔹 Speed & Agility

🔹 Athletic Conditioning

🔹 Weightlifting

🔹 Regeneration

SPC Class Details :


Check into SPC 21 days or more during the fixed period to earn the exclusive sign up offer

SUCCESS! CLAIM YOUR BENEFIT Congratulations, after 21 days you've built the habit and are following a success plan!

AQ Strong will waive 50% off your joining fee plus 50% off the first month of any carry-on SPC Membership (SPC 8, SPC 14, Premiere). Must purchase no later than one day after the end of the Challenge membership.

So challenge accepted? #BeAthletic


Select the Round link above for your desired start date or contact us if you have questions at or WhatsApp 6763 2813

The T&C

*Promotional Membership available to any new enrollment athlete to AQ Strong (no current SPC membership)

*Fixed date membership cannot be altered or dates changed.

*21 days are based on confirmed check-in to AQ Strong in SPC Class sessions.

*30 classes included in membership, any additional classes during period are $150 per class billed to membership account. Not valid for any specialty class

*To receive the fee benefit, Athlete must enroll in the new SPC membership no later than one day after the fixed period end date and continue with SPC membership without interruption.


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