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Basic MATTERS in Olympic Weightlifting

Mastering the basics in weightlifting is crucial in order to have progress, but learning the classic lifts in merely 1-2 hours can be overwhelming and intimidating. That's why we break the lifts into little pieces and focus on one piece at a time in our weightlifting technique class.

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Introducing the new Weightlifting Technique SPC class?
Starting from October, every Tuesday, Thursday 7:00pm and Wednesday 1:00pm. Topics of the class will rotate weekly.

What's the weightlifting technique class like?

Our typical weightlifting technique class will start with learning 1-2 stretches to improve a specific portion of the lift, you'll then learn to do a specific part of the lift step by step with a stick before finishing the session with some weighted position works so your body will remember the new movement patterns.

This is a good starting point if you want to get a feeling of what weightlifting feels like, but don't worry if you've already learned to perform the lifts!

Who's this class for?

Literally everyone- from complete beginners to more advanced lifters can both benefits from basics technique works, even high level weightlifters will practice the same thing from time to time just to make sure their foundations are solid!

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