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The latest news and views from AQ Strong

Team AQ Strong UPDATES!

Lots of positive changes are coming to AQ Strong - starting with our AQ Strong Team.

A few updates about our staff in Hong Kong we would like to share...


Mandy joined AQ Strong while we were still just a Pop Up Lab at 8 Observatory Road. Her infectious energy and positive attitude were a perfect fit to lead all of our membership communication and activities. We are excited to have her take an even greater role as General Manager of our Athletic Center. She will keep us all in line with a smile : )

Mandy moving up to General Manager is now allowing Marco to focus on growing the AQ Strong Brand - across Hong Kong and beyond. Marco will be splitting time between New York, Hong Kong and other potential locations where there may be opportunities for our brand to grow.


We wish Coach Kieron - The Movement Rapha - a warm and happy relocation with his family to the United Kingdom. Kieron is relocating this coming August and will be based out of the UK. He will continue his athletic pursuits as a professional Bangers & Mash eating competitor. Ok, maybe not the Bangers and Mash - but on a serious note Kieron is the heart of our mobility program and will continue to guide us as the Global Director of Integrated Mobility.

We are excited to let you know we are building a full range of content and course materials behind Integrated Mobility with Kieron leading. Tung Choi will be his direct support based in Hong Kong, and of course we have a full team of Integrated Mobility Coaches spreading the love for mobility and Kieron's unique perspective on movement development.


COACH K: Coach K is nearly complete with his Masters program in Performance Coaching! He is hard at work creating a performance science program as well. We are eager to let everyone know when round 1 is ready - stay tuned! Congrats on the Masters Degree, Coach!

COACH IVAN: As we plan to grow with new locations in Hong Kong Coach Ivan is stepping up to be our Performance Director for the Athletic Center at Victoria Mall.

THE HIGH PERFORMANCE POOCH: You may have noticed a black and white doggie in the club (Che). He's the high performance pooch - and a new member of the team happy to share his thoughts with anyone who will listen. He's super friendly, occasionally excitable and always ready for a delicious snack. Say hello when you see him.


Coach Aiden

Coach Jen

Coach Stanly

Movement Therapist (MT) Pui

You can always learn more about our team here

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