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The latest news and views from AQ Strong

A Celebration of Youth

Youth Coaching & Coach Education at AQ Strong

A big part of our commitment to empowering athletes is to ensure our young athletes are getting access to great coaching. Our Youth Education extends our Athlete Mindset to our youngest athletes

  • PLAY - building movement, skills and abilities through unstructured, open environment allowing youth to exercise their creativity, mind, and body.

  • PERFORMANCE - Learning technically sound skills that are appropriate for age and maturity level.

  • DISCIPLINE - Finding focus in attention to detail, positive reinforcement and applying a method to self-improvement.

  • PURPOSE - The Purpose here is to build the competence, confidence and physical development of Hong Kong's youth. We also want to bring parents into the dialogue and encourage a positive connection through physical activity and skill development.

Youth Coaching (DI and DII classes)

Please check our training page to learn more about our youth class programs, currently running every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. New athletes are welcome to come in any time for a first time trial, and ask our coaches about our YPD Program and how it is structured for your child.

Coach Education - Youth Coach Bundle Course

We have also launched our Youth Coach Bundle in partnership with the International Sports Science Association. The bundle covers two different learning tracks for anyone who works with youth, the science of health and fitness for youth and the increasingly important Youth Physical Development (YPD) model.

The Youth Physical Development model forms the foundation of our Youth Coaching programs and is considered a leading method used by international coaching programs, such as UK Coaching.

Our First course in the series launches in October, with more workshops and courses to come. If you work with kids ages 7 - 16 or would like to learn about Coaching kids and helping them build life long fitness habits then this course is right for you!

More to come!

Expect more courses, camps, workshops, classes and content focused on developing our young athletes. If you are coach, we highly recommend also dedicating your time to learning the physical skills involved in athleticism.


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