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You may have heard the story of Milo of Croton, an ancient Greek Olympian and Champion. He decided one day to begin his training by carrying a young calf. He was ridiculed at the time, but each day he would wake up and carry the calf regardless. He did this over four years until the calf had grown into an adult oxen. Milo had become exceptionally strong and remains a lesson to this day of what consistency and a bit of foresight means to achieve your goals.


Whatever your condition is now coming back to a training plan, the focus should be not on any one performance but on building a solid consistency in your routine. The goal should be to balance SPC back into your life and enjoy the experience of training again. Now is the time to rebuild the habits, get in tune with your physical self and enjoy the connection of working together as a team. Start by carrying your calf each day just as Milo did.


This is important to us too. We want to fully support and encourage your consistency. We decided to reward EVERY SPC ATHLETE with a Shena Board if you can be consistent as we return to live SPC classes.

The Consistency Wins Plan.

WHO: All SPC Members (monthly, fixed period or annual)

WHEN: APRIL 21 - May 31.

WHAT: Join us for 10+ SPC Sessions by May 31st. This means you completed 10 or more SPC Sessions before May 31st.

REWARD: Every SPC who completes the plan will receive a hand-crafted AQ Strong Shena Board as a reward for their consistency and effort.

We REALLY want to hand out a lot of SHENA and hope all of you win.

About the SHENA: The Shena is part of ancient Persian Yoga practice for strength and mobility. Our mobility team, led by Kieron Chan, has modernized the use of SHENA for athletes and anyone seeking mobility with strength, coordination and control. We even have online SHENA programs you can follow and do at home. It's a very versatile tool we love.

You can check out more details about the Shena at our Pro-Shop and our Academy Course

The Basic Terms & Conditions

We're keeping this one easy. In order to qualify for the Consistency Wins plan, you must be an SPC member - any monthly membership, fixed plans (3 or 6 months) or annual plans are automatically enrolled. Even if you join SPC in mid-May we will include you in this plan.

You have to book into and attend (Show up) 10 classes between April 21 and May 31. We will tally all results in early June and start handing out the SHENA after June 1st.

Let's get into the details...

  1. You just have to show up, but cancellations and no-shows don't count. We want you to come in consistently. However you do it is up to you, but it has to be 10 or more sessions.

  2. The sessions are for our Semi-Private Coaching only - no other types of sessions we offer count. It makes the tracking and counting easier, and we're just getting back into this too!

  3. Max 1 Shena per SPC member, no cash value, no exchange for other items etc. We really would like to keep this simple.

  4. The sessions have to come from your SPC membership, including top-up if necessary.

Have Questions? (whatsapp) (email us)

*To be honest, we would rather chat with you in person but we understand.


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